Kiori Kawai conducts Workshops of Meditative Movement Practice, Improvisation/Contact improvisation, and Site-specific Performances. 

Contact Improvisation is a form of improvised dancing that has been developing internationally since 1972. It has evolved into an art-sport, oscillating between different emphases such as experimental dance, theatrical play, educational tool, social dancing and awareness practice. C.I. founder, Steve Paxton says: “As a basic focus, the dancers remain in physical contact, mutually supportive and innovative, meditating upon the physical laws relating to their masses: gravity, momentum, inertia, and friction.”

Kiori Kawai’s class will explore how the sense of physical contact affects our bodies and minds. As we observe our conscious and unconscious movement choices, we’ll use kinesthetic awareness as a conversation to explore connection between ourselves and others. This will include physical partnering with sharing weight, playing with gravity, exploring a wide range of movement (from stillness to highly athletic), and exchanging ideas with each participants’ view point.

  • Performance with Interactive Installation

This workshop focuses on improvisational movement within a technology based interactive installation. The workshop will begin with exercises to engage our bodies, minds, and entire sensorium with the present moment. Next we’ll extend this sensorial awareness to the technology, as a way of creating choreographic structure. Finally, we’ll integrate an improvisational score with the interactive installation, both as individuals and as a group.

  • Improv. movement within Nature

The class will use awareness of touch to explore the connection between bodies, minds and environment. Participants will engage with nature through their senses to create connection. This connection will be integrated with scored improvisation, both as an individual and as a group.

She has been taught workshops at

  • Wave Festival/Alpine Dance Academy, Breckenridge, CO, USA
  • Tiyatro Medresesi, Ismir, Turkey
  • Quoz Arts Festival, Dubai, U.A.E
  • Workshop tour, India
  • New York University-Abu Dhabi, U.A.E
  • Tinkuy, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Wrong Movement Studio, Athens, Greece
  • New England Dance Camp, New Hampshire, USA
  • Touch & Play, Germany
  • Transformation Festival, U.S.A-Denmark
  • Deakin University/Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia
  • Savannah Arts Academy/ Telfair Museums, Savannah, GA
  • Burning Man Festival, NV, USA
  • Dancing Water, TX, USA
  • Azule Dance Theater, NY, USA
  • Rinyou Temple, Gifu, Japan

She has been facilitated the group of 

  • Contact Improv. Lab. in NYC, NY, USA
  • C.I. performance Lab. with Interactive Installation MICRO, NY, USA
  • The Underscore, Dubai/Abu Dhabi, U.A.E
  • Contact Improv. Jam, U.A.E, India, USA  
  • Sound/Movement Lab., USA, U.A.E