Kiori Kawai (Japanese, b. 1978) holds a B.A. of Performing Arts from the Osaka University of Arts.

As a dance performance artist, she seeks to merge her body and coexist within nature and all environments. Based in NY, she has worked with Carman Moore/Skymusic Inc., Elaine Summers Dance and Film, Lincoln Center, Azule Dance Theatre, Pauline Oliveros, Mesa Arts Center, Transformation Festival(Denmark/U.S) touring nationally and internationaly. She’s built up her own improvisatory movement vocabulary based on the techniques of meditation, Kinetic Awareness, Contact Improv, yoga and various dance/movement trainings. This led her to designing interactive installation that include human body movement within kinetic sculptures.

In 2011, she founded Purring Tiger with Aaron Sherwood. Purring Tiger is a multi-cultural, multimedia, interactive installation/performance group dedicated to bringing people together in the context of Art, in a subtext of Wonder. Their pieces have been commissioned and appeared at Burning Man Arts Festival, Brooklyn Museum, Federation Square (AUS), Tribeca Performing Arts Center, Telfair Museum, Cameron Arts Museum, Scottsdale Public Art and many more. Ignite.me magazine said “Not only does their art challenge us…, but it’s also beautiful.”

She teaches performance workshops with interactive installation and Contact Improvisation based classes in US and abroad.