MICRO – Interactive Installation & Performance


MICRO explores the small universe that is our body and mind. It consists of an 8ft x 12 ft x 8ft structure that has 200 translucent balls hanging from the top of the structure, each ball containing a speaker. When a ball is bumped into it generates a unique sound, and lights up with one of 5 different colors. As people play with the balls they are engulfed by a symphony of lights and sounds surrounding them on all sides. MICRO was an honorarium installation at Burning Man 2014.

MICRO has also appeared at

2017 Wave Festival, Breckenridge, CO

2016  MICRO in Kingston NY

2015 Cameron Art Museum, NC

2015 Pause Festival in Melbourne, Australia, commissioned  by Federation Square

Credits(original build in Burning Man 2014):

Concept/Design/Creative Direction
Kiori Kawai

Concept/Music/Electrical Design
Aaron Sherwood

BettaLambertini, Logan Scharadin, Julia Montepagani,
Matthew Hardy, Joshua batson, Kris Seto, Elise Knudson, Kiori Kawai

Andy Sigler, Lisa Park, Rosalie Yu, Laura Chen,
Wyna Liu, Scott Horton, Mark Hebert, Elise Knudson, Chris Hallvik, Angela Orofino,
Momo Nakayama, Logan Scharadin, Julia Montepagani, Chelsea Southard, Ni Cai

Roy Rochlin, Talya Stein, Momo Nakayama

Guardian Angel
Eric Rosenthal

Special thanks
The Generator Inc., Camp Contact, River School Farm

Made possible with generous support from Burning Man.